Renocilla bollandi Williams and Williams. 1987 (size not recorded). RFB# 2249, collected on 18 August, 1989 from Horseshoe Cliffs, Okinawa, from 45.7m. Deposited at US Mus Nat Hist (USNM 242370). The photo is one of the holotype.
Renocilla bollandi on scorpionid (size not recorded)
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        This is a set of new pages dedicated to the presentation of various groups of marine invertebrates of Okinawa´s subtropical Western Pacific waters. These pages don't include Opisthobranch mollusks (nudibranchs and relatives, which are found at a different site). Hopefully the current site will be one which will facilitate the study and understanding of this highly diverse group of marine dwelling animals.

        I've placed access to Okinawan images and island information, as well as a series of links to various marine invertebrate resources by way of the Jump Buttons located on each page; should you have trouble with the buttons, please use the non-jump link at the bottom of this page which will duplicate the URLs found on the jump page.

        There are currently several first rate web sites which provide marine invertebrate researchers with a wealth of utility and information.

        If you're interested, I've included a taxonomic list of the featured Okinawan invertebrates, photographed/collected by myself, as well as others(?), over a good many years. Some of the identifications are tentative in nature, awaiting close examination of the images/specimens by specialists; the majority of the tentative identifications will have been made by myself.

        If you're not acquainted with Okinawa, I've included a short physical and climatic description of Okinawa and its parental island group, the Ryukyus Archipelago. There is also a section dealing with some environmental problems associated with the local marine environment in this part of the Western Pacific.

        I'm not certain how frequently I'll add material to the site, a new organism(s) will be added on an irregular basis, perhaps once or twice at the first of each month; all invertebrate photos will of course be from Okinawan waters and have collecting and/or other pertinent data included.

Featured marine invertebrate (1 July '18)

    I've now retired from the University of Maryland, Asian Division, and as of 1 July 2013, I've moved to my new home in Ogden Utah, which is north of Salt Lake City

I've also included a section on "Previous Featured Marine Invertebrates" as well as a list of taxonomic groups (Phyla listing) and other resources.

I've added links to the following two Okinawa-associated marine sites:
The Okinawa Slug Site

The Okinawa Rebreather Site

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