Lineus fuscoviridis Takakura, 1898 (length not recorded)

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        The Green Nemertine Ribbon Worm, Lineus fuscoviridis, is considered to be rare in the waters of Okinawa's main island as I have collected only three animals, although I've photographed an additional individual, over a period of many years of Okinawa diving. I've added a second page w/ a series of images of both the above featured nemertine as well as several others. Earlier I featured on these pages another nemertine, Baseodiscus quinquelineatus.

        Special thanks to Jon Norenburg at the NMNH for the identification of this nemertine. Specimens have been deposited at the NMNH, but as yet have not been catalogued.

There's a series of remarkable photos showing Lineus fuscoviridis engesting an opisthobranch mollusc (Aplysia) from South Korea on Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum (Rudman, W.B). There are also several spectacular videos of Lineus fuscoviridis available on the 'net. One of these has several views of L. fuscoviridis filmed on a dock in Taiwan.

I don't have access to Takakura's original description (1898) of Lineus fuscoviridis but the Japanese name is midori-himomushi or midori-hera-himomushi.

        In addition, there's a page w/ links to misc. phyla including this species phylum, as well as additional resources.


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