Lyrocteis imperatoris T. Komai, 1941 (w/o coll # / Height 270mm / from 180ft)
(same individual as on the previous page)

Lyrocteis imperatoris T. Komai, 1941 (RFB #3229 / ca. 90mm tall / from 190ft)
The second organism

Lyrocteis imperatoris T. Komai, 1941 This is a terrific photo of the Harp comb jelly (Lyrocteis imperatoris) via "Flicker" w/ 10 of these otherworldly comb jellies taken from a site in the Anilao Philippine Islands at 110m by California Academy of Sciences scientists. Stationary adults capture passing prey using thread-like tentacles covered in sticky cells. Diet: tiny drifting life (plankton larvae of small fish and crustaceans). Distribution: Western North Pacific, Japan. Thanks to Luiz Rocha for the data presented here. Luiz Rocha ©, California Academy of Sciences.
Apparently the species has a great deal of color variations.

  • Phylum: Ctenophora
  • Class: Tentaculata
  • Order: Platyctenida
  • Family: Platyctenidae
NOTE: This page in re presentation with the FEATURED OKINAWAN MARINE INVERTEBRATE: Lyrocteis imperatoris.

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