Pacifiphyton bollandi Williams, 1997 (stalk ca. 130mm)

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        Pacifiphyton bollandi is considered to be rare on Okinawa, although I've collected a series of specimens, all from the same general area (coral rubble at a sand/coral rubble boundary) and deposited w/ Cal Acad Sciences. There was a relatively high concentration of the species observed in the collection area, in a relatively small area, perhaps 20m².

        It's truly unfortunate that I didn't carry a camera to the site where the animals were located and all I have are a series of relatively poor lab photos (I use the word "lab" here quite loosely, meaning, the photos were taken in my home kitchen). I'm making up for this unfortunate lapse of photographs by including some terrific images of the species by both Gary Williams and Fred Bavendam, seen on the second page via the link below.

        The following original description of Pacifiphyton bollandi is from Williams (1997).

DIAGNOSIS. Soft corals with divaricate polyparium arising from elongated stalk. Several primary branches arise from a common point of origin, each with only few secondary and tertiary branches. Polyps monomorphic, sparsely distributed on branches of polyparium, without calyces, but with weak and variable armature of sclerites, sometimes approaching weakly constructed crown and points. Stalk densely spiculated with more or less longitudinally disposed spindles. Sclerites of stalk, polyparium, and polyp walls are spindles with highly variable tuberculation.


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        I've added a second page w/ a series of images of the species.

        In addition, I've added a link to the current and past featured invertebrates via a list and thumbnails.

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