Physalia utriculus

Ten images below, of which the first eight are from Yamada Hot Springs Beach* on 15 Jan 2001; the last two from Nike Beach** on 01 Feb 2000.
(all ten images collected from the intertidal zone)

Physalia utriculus Physalia utriculus (La Martinière, 1787) (bell ca. 60mm / from intertidal zone)

        * Yamada Hot Springs Beach, 1.5 km SE Maeda-misaki, Okinawa (26o 25.9'N, 127o 47.0'E)
        **Nike Beach (Sandy beach below Japanese Nike SAM Site), 6.5 km ENE Maeda-misaki, Okinawa (26o30.0'N, 127o50.2'E)


NOTE: This page in re presentation with FEATURED OKINAWAN MARINE INVERTEBRATE: Physalia utriculus.

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