Yokoi Kensuke* Owner/Operator of the "Blue Try" SCUBA & U/W Photo Shop

        *Yokoi-san is a long-time resident of Okinawa with over twenty-nine years of diving experience (26 of those years spent diving on Okinawa), although he is originally from Aichi Prefecture in mainland Japan. He is a PADI SCUBA Instructor and owns, operates, and teaches out of the "Blue Try" SCUBA & U/W Photo Shop located near the Sunabe Sea Wall Dive Area.

        Yokoi-san's photo gear preferences lie primarily with the Nikon(N-90) Camera in conjunction with Nexus and Sea & Sea Housings, Sea and Sea & Nikon SB-105 Strobes, and Fujichrome Film (Velvia and Provia).

Blue Try Address: 2-95 Miyagi Chatan-Cho
Nakagami-Gun Okinawa 904-0113
Ph. (81) 98-9368284

The "Blue Try" SCUBA & U/W Photo Shop

The "Blue Try" SCUBA & U/W Photo Shop

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