Chelidonura inornata Baba, 1949 (28mm)

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        Members of the genus Chelidonura are usually recognizable as such because of the immediately apparent split and disproportionately sized tail which most possess. The mantle shield is long and tapering and the left lobe of the tail is considerably larger and longer, giving the genus the common name of "Tailed Slugs".

        Chelidonura inornata is commonly found in some areas and Carlson & Hoff (1972) report that the species is numerous on Guam at certain times of the year (May) when they are frequently found breeding. C. inornata is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have seen and collected only three individuals over a period of a good many years of diving here. The above featured animal was found crawling in the open at the reef edge of a live stony coral reef at approximately noon.

        Chelidonura inornata is one of seven described members of the genus known from Okinawan waters. The seven species found here are:

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