Cypraea staphylaea Linnaeus, 1758 (shell ca. 20mm)

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        Note: The above animal was originally referenced on this page (29 Dec. '03) as Erosaria poraria. A recent message from Gustav Pauley (pers. comm), in re a note from Chris Meyer, mentions that he is pretty sure this is not E. poraria, as that species has dendritic tentacles all over (as an Erosaria) . . . it is probably C. staphylaea, although there is a possibility it is C. limacina. In either case, this animal at least superficially resembles what some might confuse with an opisthobranch. I've now changed the original page to Cypraea staphylaea.

        As I've done several times in the past I've departed from the usual opisthobranch presentation with the above featured animal. Although it superficially resembles an opisthobranch, it's classified into an entirely different group of molluscs, the Prosobranchia. The conventional schema of mollusc classification is to divide the Class Gastropoda into the following three Subclasses: