Discodoris lilacina (Gould, 1852) 84mm

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        Discodoris lilacina is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have seen and collected a total of only three individuals of the species; I have several Discodoris species which may well be D. lilacina, but they remain unconfirmed at the present time. The above featured animal was found while turning rubble during a daytime "reef walk" at the time of a minus spring tide.

        There is a fair amount of confusion in the literature concerning the relatively large number of similar appearing species. The following is taken from Rudman (1999):

The genus Discodoris contains a very large number of very similar if not identical species. Because the original descriptions were often inadequate and based on one or a few specimens, it is difficult to determine their identity with living material. Until we have a better idea as to whether we are dealing with one widespread variable species or a number of very similar looking species, the taxonomy will remain confused.

        As of this date (21 March, 2005) the following species of Discodoris are known from the waters of Okinawa's main island):

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