Thumbnail Images of the Twelve Okinawa-Collected Lamellaria Specimens

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Image Collection number Total Length Collection Depth
RFB #3740-B 12mm 10ft (3m)
RFB #2070 21mm 30ft (9m)
RFB #2220-A 14mm 5ft (1.5m)
RFB #2923 18mm 5ft (1.5m)
RFB #2213 20mm 5ft (1.5m)
RFB #2153 15mm 5ft (1.5m)
RFB #3443-G 16mm 235ft (72m)
RFB #2271-A 20mm 5ft (1.5m)
RFB #3426-G 12mm 205ft (63m)
RFB #2657-B 4mm 160ft (49m)
RFB #3880-M 3mm 180ft (55m)
RFB #3803-A
(this date's featured animal)
23mm 10ft (3m)

NOTE: This page in re presentation with Opisthobranch of the Week, Lamellaria sp.

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