Amami Islands in relation to Okinawa-shima*

        Amami-Oshima is the largest of the Amami Islands group (also known as Amami Gunto), with an area of about 276 square miles, making it the third largest of Japan's offshore islands after Okinawa and Sado Island (off the coast of Niigata). Eight of the islands are populated, with a total of 132,315 people living on them, according to 2000 figures. Amami-Oshima has the largest population, at 73,896. There are many small uninhabited islands throughout the Amami Islands.

* Japanese maps have island names ending in either -shima or -jima (e.g., Okinawa-shima or Iwo-jima). The spelling of the island determines the correct ending . . . both stem endings mean "island".

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