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Thumbnail Images of Phestilla melanobrachia & associated animals

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Image Name Size & Depth Comment
Phestilla melanobrachia size & depth unk. An unusual color variation
Phestilla melanobrachia 26mm / 6m The black color variation
Phestilla melanobrachia 9mm / 3m The black color variation / juvenile
Phestilla melanobrachia 17mm / 1m The common yellow form feeding on Tubastrea sp.
Epitonium billeeanum 12m / photo field ca. 40mm wide The common Epitonium billeeanum feeding on Tubastrea sp.
Tubastrea sp. 6m / photo field ca. 50mm wide Polyps fully expanded at night
Tubastrea sp. 15m / photo field ca. 25mm wide Polyps fully expanded at night
Tubastrea micrantha ca. 30m / photo field ca. 40cm wide A beautiful velvet green species usually found in deeper portions of the the reef front

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