Phyllidiopsis krempfi Pruvot-Fol, 1957 (70mm)

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        Phyllidiopsis krempfi is considered to be rare on Okinawa as I have collected only four individuals as of mid August, 2000. Although I'm suggesting the species is rare here, I suspect that I've seen others, erroneously assuming they were of more common species. There are several reasons for this, but perhaps the best reason is that many Okinawan phyllidiids are very commonly seen here and I've tended in the past not to pay much attention to the group.

        The closest appearing Phyllidiopsis species on Okinawa is P. pipeki, with similar mantle and rhinophore coloration, but Brunckhorst (1993) points out that P. krempfi is very tuberculate with many multicompound tubercles, whereas P. pipeki has sparsely scattered single and compound tubercles. Also, an apparently consistent feature seen in P. krempfi is the presence of the two black primary longitudinal lines which extend around the rhinophores and join at a point anterior to the rhinophores.

        I have a second page showing two separate images of an additional 50mm animal collected from 69m. The second of these two images show the animal feeding on a thin brown sponge (the small brown sponge was growing on the surface of the larger yellow sponge). This phyllidiid stayed on the sponge following its collection, transport, and subsequent photography hours later; I can only assume that it was more than just a bit hungry.

        As of mid-July, 2007, the following eight described species of Phyllidiopsis have been featured on the Okinawa Slug Site:

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