Sebadoris nubilosa (Pease, 1871) / ca. 200~250mm
Photo by Russ Gilbert

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Species Account:

        Sebadoris nubilosa is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I'd never seen a specimen during many years of diving while on Okinawa. Russ Gilbert reports (pers. comm.) the above featured animal is the only one he has seen in okinawan waters. Russ's photographs are used here on these pages with his kind permission. The animal was found during a night dive at about 15ft from a mixed live stony/soft coral reef environment. I've also added a second page with two additional images of the same animal.

Gosliner, et al (2008, p. 165) report S. nubilosa is known from Tanzania, Reunion, the Red Sea to the Maldives, Australia, Marianas, and Hawaii. I'm not aware that S. nubilosa has previously been reported from Japan, so perhaps this is a new record.

        The following information is taken from Rudman (2005) on the Sea Slug Forum:

Sebadoris nubilosa can be characterised externally by its relatively soft mantle, covered with soft pointed tubercles, mottled with light brown colours and a few small dark brown patches. The underside of the mantle is translucent white with a distinct submarginal dark-brown band. Between this band and the body are scattered large brown spots. The sides and sole of the foot are translucent white with dark brown spots. The animal can swim if disturbed and autotomise the whole or part of the mantle skirt. The penis is armed with spines and when retracted has a characteristic spiral shape.

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