Tambja amakusana Baba, 1987 (18mm)

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Species Account:

        Tambja amakusana was described by Baba (1987)from a 8mm specimen collected on 27 March, 1980 from Tomioka, Amakusa, Japan. The species name is in reference to the locality from which the animal was discovered. Baba describes the species as being without spots; of the four Okinawa-collected animals only the largest of the four animals has scattered body spots (the 18mm featured animal above), the other three smaller animals. are without spots as per Baba's original description.

        The featured animal was found beneath a slab of rock rubble at the reef edge of a dead stony coral reef during a daytime SCUBA excursion under moderate high tide conditions. T. amakusana is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have seen and collected a total of four individuals over a period of more than twenty years of diving here.

        I've collected to date (August, 1999) four species of Okinawa Tambja. The four are:

  • T. amakusana (featured animal above)
  • T. limaciformis
  • T. morosa
  • T. sagamiana
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